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Pädaste Yacht Club


Pädaste Yacht Club serves an amazing lunch

The relaxed and warm atmosphere of the Pädaste Yacht Club is ideal for a delicious, leisurely lunch and is a great spot to enjoy an aperitif or a digestive after dinner. The terrace overlooks the meadows towards the sea, it is an idyllic place to watch the sunset and dream away.

Pädaste Yacht Club serves a casual cuisine for lunch, a nice contrast to the elegant Nordic Islands’ Cuisine offered in the evenings at Alexander Restaurant.



Pädaste Yacht Club is open this season from:

  • Middle of June until the end of August – Monday to Sunday


Pädaste Yacht Club opens at 12:00; last table reservation at 17:00. 


Reservations are required in advance! 

For group inquiries please contact our Guests Relations Manager info@padaste.ee


The days Pädaste Yacht Club is closed lunch will be served at Pädaste’s Winter Garden between 13:00 and 15:00.
Reservations required.



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